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Horror Events

Sorry, no forthcoming events were found tagged 'Horror'. However, we've featured events with this tag in the past so check back regularly to find out what's going on in your area. Enter a different tag in the box at the top of the page or search for events in specific places around the country.

Horror Chat

Stranger Things.
Film, TV & Radio: Horror, 14 replies Tags: 80s, horror, sci-fi, sciencefiction
Please suggest a good horror movie before......
Film, TV & Radio: Horror, 55 replies Tags: horror, shark, zombie
Can you identify this film from the plot?
Film, TV & Radio: Other Film, 47 replies Tags: 666, antichrist, beast, devil, film, horror, powerstation, thriller
Poll: How was it for you? (42 votes)
Science, Nature and Social Science: Weather, 26 replies Tags: 24 hour media, commuting, horror, ice, news, snow, weather
Prudish Antipodean Censors Ban Gay Film
News & Current Affairs: Entertainment, 18 replies Tags: bruce labruce, film, film festival, gay, horror, porn, pornography, zombie
For all MJ/ horror fans
Film, TV & Radio: Horror, 10 replies Tags: horror, horror movies, michael jackson, movie clips, thriller
Film, TV & Radio: YouTube Videos, 27 replies Tags: horror, scary-shit advert, toy
Film4 'Frightfest' Poster Competition!
News & Current Affairs: Entertainment, 1 reply Tags: competition, donnie darko, film4, frightfest, horror, hostel
Alternative club night - Huddersfield, 2/11/07
Local Interest: UK, The Northwest, 3 replies Tags: alternative, disco, dressing up, electro, goth, horror, huddersfield, punk, retro, trashed
Alternative club night - Huddersfield, 2/11/07
OUT Events: Coming Soon, 2 replies Tags: alternative, clubbing, disco, dressing up, electro, goth, horror, huddersfield, punk, retro
The 'Changeling' might be up for a remake!
News & Current Affairs: Entertainment, 9 replies Tags: horror, remake, the changeling

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