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Conservative Chat

Maria Miller
News & Current Affairs: Political, 10 replies Tags: abuse, conservative, expenses, fiddle, government, GrantSchapps, Mariamiller, parliament
Conservative Party Conference Agenda
News & Current Affairs: Political, 40 replies Tags: conference, conservative, tory
Another private sector health failure
News & Current Affairs: Business, 15 replies Tags: addenbrookes, BBCNews, condems, conservative, hospitalfood, labour, libdems, nhs, politics, privatisation
Food Banks just help drunks
News & Current Affairs: Political, 11 replies Tags: conservative, food banks, poverty, york
How to be a Conservative Canvasser
Skills, Talents & Leisure: History, 5 replies Tags: archives, canvassing, conservative, elections, yorkshire film
I was a druggie, and I'm sorry to Morgan.
News & Current Affairs: Political, 18 replies Tags: bbc news, conservative, drugs, libel, louise mensch, piers morgan, slander
France Rejects Gay Marriage
News & Current Affairs: Human Rights, 17 replies Tags: civil partnerships, conservative, france, gay marriage, leftists
Tories to ConDem-n the NHS to a painful death
News & Current Affairs: Health, 27 replies Tags: backdoor, conservative, destruction, health, legislation, liberal democrats, nhs, privatisation, social care, tories
Scottish Conservatives lose control
News & Current Affairs: Political, 11 replies Tags: cameron, conservative, scotland, subsidiarity, tories
Political news, Victor Meldrew style
OUT Website: Miscellaneous, 9 replies Tags: coalition, complaining, con lib, conservative, lib con, liberal democrats, moaning, politicians, politics, whingeing
Lib Dems losing their nerve?
News & Current Affairs: Elections, 69 replies Tags: changing mind, conservative, election, indecisive, labour, lib dem, support, switching to tory, tory, wavering
JK Rowling on Cameron
News & Current Affairs: Political, 104 replies Tags: conservative, david cameron, general election, jk rowling, right-wing, tories
Who Thinks Labour a finished?
News & Current Affairs: Political, 99 replies Tags: 2010, brown, cameron, conservative, david, gordon, labour, lost, party, prime minister
16M Miles of Bus Journeys To Go
News & Current Affairs: Political, 25 replies Tags: boris johnson, conservative, london, tfl, tories, transport for london
Taxpayers' Alliance director doesn't pay UK Tax
News & Current Affairs: Political, 11 replies Tags: conservative, france, tax payers allience, tories
Why has the BBC totally ignored North Tyneside?
News & Current Affairs: Political, 19 replies Tags: bbc, conservative, doncaster, english democrats, hartlepool, independent, journalism, news reporting, north tyneside
Poll: Help me decide... (21 votes)
Mind, Spirit & Beliefs: Political, 32 replies Tags: conservative, european elections, libertas, ukip, vote
BPIX poll has Labour on 20%, Others on 23%!
News & Current Affairs: Political, 4 replies Tags: bpix, conservative, labour, liberal democrat, poll
Poll: Next general election result (63 votes)
Mind, Spirit & Beliefs: Political, 47 replies Tags: conservative, general election, labour, liberal democrat, next government
Conservative Own Goal
News & Current Affairs: Political, 25 replies Tags: conservative, credit crunch, economy, politics

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