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Computers Events

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Computers Chat

Google forgets December
Technology: Operating Systems, 9 replies Tags: android, computers, december, operating systems, tech crunch
Getting mother up and running!
Technology: Computing, 30 replies Tags: computers, internet, laptops, mistermonkey, mother, technology
Online gamers strike blow in battle against AIDS
Body, Health & Wellbeing: HIV, 4 replies Tags: aids, computers, healthcare, hiv, online gaming, the register
No more HP!
News & Current Affairs: Technology, 2 replies Tags: bbc, computers, hewlett, hp, packard, sauce, software
OUT is on the move - maybe down for 2 days! <gulp>
OUT Website: Network Status, 338 replies Tags: access, computers, database, downtime, move, network, offline, servers, services
Back up a minute...
Technology: Computer Hardware, 18 replies Tags: backup, computers, hardware failure
OUT lives!
OUT Website: Network Status, 26 replies Tags: address, computers, move, network, new home, servers
CeX Computer Shops
Technology: Miscellaneous, 18 replies Tags: cex, computers, for sale, gadgets, laptops, mobile phones, second hand, technology
Speeding up PC
Technology: Computing, 6 replies Tags: computers, improve pc speed, pc booster,, speeding up pc
Remote access and internet connection
Technology: Miscellaneous, 1 reply Tags: computers, internet, vpn

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