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Coffee Events

Gay Social Evening in friendly Wetherspoons pub
Tuesday 19 December 2017, London Tags: beer, burger, chat, chips, coffee, food, friends, gin, social, steak
Gay Social Evening in friendly Wetherspoons pub
Tuesday 2 January 2018, London Tags: beer, burger, chat, chips, coffee, dinner, food, friends, social, steak
Aylesbury Vale LGBT Social Group New Year Party
Saturday 20 January 2018, Buckinghamshire Tags: aylesbury, coffee, newyear, party, posse

Coffee Chat

Biscuits for dunking.
Food & Drink: Things I Love, 24 replies Tags: biscuits, coffee, drink, dunking, herbal, tea
Poll: What do you have in your drink (46 votes)
Food & Drink: Non-Alcoholic Drinks, 32 replies Tags: aspartame, coffee, drinks, hot drinks, saccharin, sugar, sweetening, tea
A really milky coffee
Food & Drink: Eating Out, 12 replies Tags: coffee, debenhams, la times
Can somebody make me fresh coffee
Work & Money: Volunteering, 16 replies Tags: coffee, david cameron, sex, sofa
who wants to pop round for coffee ?
OUT Events: Coffee Posses and Picnics, 42 replies Tags: coffee
Drinking coffee and the need to urinate.
Body, Health & Wellbeing: Miscellaneous, 18 replies Tags: coffee, diuretic, urination
Poll: Coffee Houses - favourites (37 votes)
OUT Events: Restaurants and Eating Out, 29 replies Tags: caffe nero, coffee, coffee house, costa coffee, food, pret a manger, starbucks
Coffee on trains getting smaller
Travel & Holidays: Travelling By Rail, 29 replies Tags: 12oz, 8oz, coffee, railways, scotrail, scotsman, tea
just want to see if any interest
OUT Events: Ideas, 13 replies Tags: coffee, islington, pub
Starbucks: Coffee By the Litre
Food & Drink: Convenience and Fast Food, 69 replies Tags: coffee, metric, starbucks, usa
Coffee Triggers Hijack Alert
Travel & Holidays: Travelling By Air, 3 replies Tags: beer, coffee, hijack, united airlines
Lincoln Coffee Posse
OUT Events: Coffee Posses and Picnics, 1 reply Tags: coffee, coffee posse, lincoln, posse
We need a possible reg event!
OUT Events: Ideas, 3 replies Tags: circle, coffee, fareham, hampshire, knowle, meting, portsmouth, pub, social
Happy Birthday North London Coffee Posse!
OUT Events: Feedback, 29 replies Tags: coffee, coffee posse, events, fooddrink, hampstead, london
In Cup Coffee Fliter
Skills, Talents & Leisure: Shopping, 11 replies Tags: coffee, in cup filter, monmouth coffee
Coffee 'may reverse Alzheimer's'
Body, Health & Wellbeing: Mental Health, 13 replies Tags: alzheimers, caffeine, coffee
You know it's going to be one of those days when..
Whingeing Fkwits: Miscellaneous, 28 replies Tags: bleugh, coffee
Do animals like coffee?
Miscellaneous: Totally Miscellaneous, 35 replies Tags: animals, coffee
Rainbow Cafe in Bath
Local Interest: UK, The Southwest, 3 replies Tags: bath, coffee, groups, meeting, rainbow cafe, tea
Poll: sweetening in hot drinks (64 votes)
Food & Drink: Tea and Coffee, 19 replies Tags: coffee, sugar, sweeteners, tea

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