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These people help to define and manage the strategy and goals of OUTeverywhere. They share the vision of where we're going and what we're trying to achieve. We're supported by a number of other team members, an army of event organisers and tens of thousands of supportive members.


Jason is the founder of OUTeverywhere, having created a small online list of friends and their friends back in 1995. He has developed the member website and planned the strategy that today sees OUT as the largest real world social network exclusively for the LGBT community.

Jason is also co-founder of port80, a respected internet security and business services firm. Over the last 10 years, Jason has provided business consultancy on e-commerce and online strategies to companies as diverse as Lotus Cars, Apple Education, Swinton, English National Ballet, leading independent mortgage experts John Charcol, and European pharmaceuticals wholesaler UniChem, now part of the Alliance Boots Group. He was also instrumental in the management of Toshiba's first European internet project, bringing together all Toshiba brands and companies across Europe.

Profiled by independent business magazine Insider as one of the North of England's "42 under 42", Jason now devotes his life to the progression of OUTeverywhere. His leisure passions include ice hockey where he has played on a semi-pro team and snowboarding in the deep powder of the Canadian Rockies, where he has a home.


Lizzie has been working with OUTeverywhere since 1998. Our financial administration and processes are defined and managed by Lizzie. She is also responsible for the company administration and our member service policies.

Lizzie's career history involves Customer Services Management with large companies including British Gypsum and Opax International. She has significant online experience and many years experience handling and managing income, expenditure and business cashflow.

Lizzie is an avid reader and usually has numerous books on the go at once. She's also a cat lover!


Simon joined OUTeverywhere in December 2003 and quickly carved a reputation as an events co-ordinator, organising everything from public speaking classes to coffee posses. In June 2006 we asked him to become OUT's Networking & Events Officer, and during that time he's organised some of the biggest and most successful OUT events in recent times, including the London Summer Party.

Simon is working very closely with us on developing and realising OUT's strategic vision. From the outset he insisted that his work with OUTeverywhere would be voluntary.

Simon has a remarkable background and profile that brings real benefits to OUT: he runs an international human rights campaigning organisation (Privacy International), he's an academic at the London School of Economics, a journalist for major newspapers, an adviser to some of the largest corporations in the world, and he plays a mean guitar.


Davey joined the team as a full-time member of staff in March 2005, having originally been a member since early 2003. He's spent most of his working life in the customer service industry, focusing on retail and consumer firms. He has travelled around the country helping to launch new projects such as the first ever Coinstar, the self-service coin counter, and the first Walmart store.

Davey spent four years as the Command Centre Controller for Humberside Police, despatching Police units to incidents and working with the public when answering 999 calls to obtain accurate information quickly. He also volunteers as a producer and presenter on East Yorkshire's biggest hospital radio station.

Davey is now responsible for the day-to-day administration of the website and customer service and outside of work is a master fire breather and dedicated tarantula lover.


James is a technologist who has been working on the UK Internet scene since 1993; as developer, systems administrator, technical director or CTO for several top UK ISPs, service providers and media companies. James thoroughly did the .com boom and bust of '99/2000. He was among the first to be hired by boo.com where he was Vice President of Technology and Operations. He pressed the button to launch the web site and pulled the cable to shut it down.

James has been involved in global internet infrastructure design and is an elected member of Nominet's Policy Advisory Board. Recently he worked for the BBC in its New Media and News Interactive departments and as technical lead of the BBC's social software projects.

Currently James is Executive Director and Chief Architect of a leading e-commerce software and service company. Here he provides market leading on-demand, global e-commerce capabilities on a fully managed basis to more than 200 of the world's most significant and successful retailers. Outside of the day job, James has been active in numerous multi award-winning online campaigning organisations, such as the anti internet snooping bill project: Stand.

As an e-democracy pioneer, he co-founded FaxYourMP.com, TheyWorkForYou.com and mySociety.org. He also volunteers for Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and is a board member of the NO2ID campaign. In his (copious!) spare time he buys and sells fine wines and enjoys blind tasting whiskies. He seldom uses his background training in quantum physics which he believes he picked up whilst drinking his way through Oxford, but maintains a passing interest in chaos.


David has been involved with OUTeverywhere for over ten years, from the earliest days when the website was a simple list of friends, to the successful community experience that it provides today. After lecturing at The University of York on operating systems and computer security, David co-founded internet consultancy firm port80. He has successfully lead the company's move to become one of the most respected internet security specialists, providing security audit and testing services to some of Europe's leading companies including Toshiba, the BBC, Courtaulds Plc and Swedish Steel.

David has spent time at the UK's leading anti-spam company as head of their anti-spam team, improving their real-time anti-spam systems. He has also hacked, with permission, into the computers of a leading European bank, and developed real-time intrusion detection systems for Windows and Linux servers.

David is a certified OSSTMM security hacker, and spends most of his days exposing security flaws in company websites and network infrastructure. David brings internet security expertise to the OUTeverywhere systems and helps to ensures that data is secure. Like other members of our team, David gives his time on a voluntary basis when not playing the guitar, snowboarding or drinking lots of wine.

PLEASE NOTE: Events are listed on this website on behalf of organisers in accordance with the Terms of Membership of OUTeverywhere and only if they have chosen broad publicity when adding their event to the Member Events calendar. As such, events are not necessarily affiliated to or endorsed by OUTeverywhere and may not be organised by the person who has listed the event: the person listing this event may simply be attending an event organised by another person or organisation and may wish to meet other people sharing their interest in the event. The mention or appearance of any person or organisation featured on these pages is not to be taken as any indication of sexual, social or political orientation of such persons or organisations. We cannot guarantee that the information is accurate and recommend that you always seek to contact the organiser directly to confirm full details of any event. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on, use or misuse of, the information on this website.

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