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New friends, cool events!

Chris is from North London, United Kingdom: "There's a whole bunch of things I can say about OUTeverywhere and what it has done for my life. You wouldn't think signing up to a website would save your life, but after having a horrific emotional crisis late in 2005, the friends I have made through OUTeverywhere helped me through it and to finally come to terms with what's really been going on in my head all these years... without the contacts I've made through OUTeverywhere I'd just have carried on being a mess, with little hope of saving myself, but now I'm in a position to do that for perhaps the first time in my life. So thanks to OUT for that. Thanks to OUT for also giving me new friends and points of view on what's going on in the world (whether I agree with someone's point of view or not!), thanks for some of the cool events, crazy people who somehow missed the loony bin who message me... all that good stuff!"

The relationship we'd been looking for

Steven is from Birmingham, United Kingdom: "It was April 2004 when I finally admitted being gay to myself after battling the stereotypes in my head. These were only promoted by the availability of other websites and their open and casual attitude towards sex. However, in the September of 2004, I stumbled across OUTeverywhere. Suddenly it became obvious that there were other guys out there just like me. OUTeverywhere was the main catalyst behind me finally accepting being the person that I am. Within a month of joining I was contacted by Mark and after a long period of getting to know each other through the site, we finally met in December 2004 and entered into the relationship that we had both been looking for. Now, 18 months on, we are just making the final arrangements for our Civil Partnership which we are entering into in October of this year. Without OUTeverywhere we would not be where we are today, and I suspect I wouldn't be the same confident person, happy to be who I am."

Lots of decent people

Matt is from Nottingham, United Kingdom: "I started using OUTeverywhere way back in 1998 and managed to get talking to lots of decent people which made for a friendly atmosphere. I then started talking more and more and made friends with all sorts, before meeting up with a guy who lived in Birmingham but was working in Geneva. In December 1998 we started chatting a lot more, and in the June of 1999 we started seeing each other. As of April 2006 we were Civilly Partnered as a result of OUTeverywhere. Even though I've been partnered for 7 years I still come back to the site. I try and get to socials when they fit in with work and love chatting and meeting up with people when the chance presents. This isn't like another site where people go on for one thing. I can talk to people all over the UK and the world in a really friendly and relaxed manner. There are no strings and no hidden agendas. For that reason alone, my membership will carry on being paid."

The impact it has had is incredible

Mark is from Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom: "OUTeverywhere is not just some website to be taken for granted. It is much more than a website, it is a whole community. It has made a big difference to me and here is why: I have been a member of OUTeverywhere since 1999. Even though my whole life doesn't revolve around OUTeverywhere, the impact it has had is incredible. I have met some fantastic people, some of whom have gone on to become some of the most important people in my life. For me to even think about not having made these friends and not having them around is a thought so heartbreaking I just cannot put it into words. As well as a few long-term relationships and some very special friendships, one of the truly fantastic people I am lucky to know as a result of OUTeverywhere is my true friend Andy. Without him everything would be so very much more dull. In many ways he is much better than some boyfriend because I know our friendship will last forever."

Treated as a human being

David is from Nottingham, United Kingdom: "I have been a member of OUTeverywhere since March 2005. While I have not met my knight in shining armour, I have met a number of people who have become firm friends both on and off the website. OUTeverywhere is so different from other gay websites; here you are treated first and foremost as a human being rather than a sex object, and you also have the opportunity to interact with the women if you want to, as I have done. The support forums on a number of subjects have also being of great help. Thanks OUT!"

Very much together and in love

Mal is from Southwest London, United Kingdom: "Back in 2002 I decided to come out, but I didn't know the first thing about the gay scene so I phoned the Gay Switchboard and they told me it would be a good idea to join OUTeverywhere. After about a week I noticed that a Coffee Posse was being organised in Ikea at Neasden (of all places!), and I plucked up enough courage to go along. At the Coffee Posse I got chatting to several people including Jason, the founder. I told him that this was my very first 'gay' event I had ever been to. Within a few weeks I was taking this OUT thing in my stride and I was going to many OUT events. I bumped into Roger at an OUT event at the Stag in Victoria. Shall we say Roger and I got somewhat intimate, and we decided to date each other. Roger and I are still very much together and in love, and in June we will be Civilly Partnered thanks to OUTeverywhere!"

Far more welcoming

Edward is from East London, United Kingdom: "Having been a member of OUTeverywhere for over a couple of years now, I am not ashamed to say that I have relied on it on a number of occasions. I have never experienced such a vast ocean of opinions, a sense of solidarity and support in a website before. When I first heard of a site that was not based around sex, I admit I found it hard to believe at first. However, as I got to know my way around the site I found that not only was this true, but that it was a far more welcoming than other sites. Why did I rely on it so much? During my time on this site I experienced problems in my life, and occasionally sought advice from other people in the same situation. Since it helped me so much I thought I would repay the favour, and see if I could advise anyone else with the experience that I have gained so far. People have helped me to integrate with other people, and likewise I have helped others to do so too. I've met some great people from OUTeverywhere, and I'm sure I will continue to do so."

He has become my best friend

Damien is from Manchester, United Kingdom: "Late in 2005 I started chatting to a guy on OUTeverywhere who has changed my life. Previously I was shy and had a poor self-image due to abusive ex-boyfriends and bullying at school before I left for university. We met because we lived in the local area and got chatting. After a few months we arranged to meet up and things went from there. He is the funniest, sweetest guy I have ever met and has become my best friend and the guy I tell all my secrets and fears. Through his friendship, support and his encouragement I have become a more confident and outgoing person, able to leave my past problems behind and move on. Without OUTeverywhere I may never have met this guy and wouldn't be who I am becoming today."

Social networking in action

Stephen is from Brighton, United Kingdom: "After being a closet OUTeverywhere member for about 15 months I finally started acting on those invitation messages and decided that I ought to take the plunge with the great OUT Summer Extravaganza Party as my first event. It was a tad daunting as there were more than 500 people there and I didn't know a single one of them! However, after about 10 minutes a lovely and interesting man came up and introduced himself, and later I'd got the confidence to do the same. The first man I met then introduced me to a warm and fun guy who may wish to join a queer eco-community that I'm helping to launch with others, which was a real surprise. At the end of the evening I'd had really interesting chats with about 8 new people. I was really impressed with the whole event and I'm now keen to go to some more, in fact I may well organise one myself!"

Much happier and more confident

Chris is from Manchester, United Kingdom: "In January 2005 I decided I needed to lose weight. At the time I was very nervous about doing it and hardly wanted anybody to know. I decided to just tell two very close friends, people that I'd met through OUTeverywhere and developed a really good friendship with. They were amazingly supportive of me and gave me all the support and encouragement I could have hoped for. As I lost more and more weight people started to notice the difference and I started talking about it more with members of OUTeverywhere. Over the past year the members have been amazingly supportive of me and really spurred me on to lose weight - especially during those times when I wanted to give up and pig out. As a result, OUTeverywhere members helped me to lose 11 stone in 2005! My life has changed radically in the past year because of the weight loss and I feel much happier and more confident, meeting loads of new people at OUTeverywhere events in my area. Thanks so much to all my supporters!"

Warmth, happiness and laughter

Edward is from Warrington, United Kingdom: "My sense of 'belonging' that I have, through being a member of OUTeverywhere, is something incredibly precious to me. All the people I have met, friends that I have made, places I've been to, events that I've supported and all the warmth, happiness and laughter that I've enjoyed with gay friends in so many different locations, are all due to OUTeverywhere. Thank you all so very much for everything that you have done, and everything that you continue to do for the gay community, and particularly for those such as me, for whom life does not revolve around London's G-A-Y or Manchester's Canal Street to mention but two! OUTeverywhere is a wonderful organisation, and there are so many, many people OUT there for whom you have changed their lives so much for the better. Thank you so much, and please keep up the good work!"

Safe and thriving environment

Neil is from Bedford, United Kingdom: "OUTeverywhere is a place to find friends, not just acquaintances. I have met so many nice people on OUTeverywhere. It's a place where the aggressiveness of other 'gay communities' is left far behind, it's a great place to debate, have raucous fun, contact people who share similar interests, attend events, create your own local coffee posses and it's all done within a safe online community-based environment that thrives on its members' input. Created by members for members, OUT is truly the 'one stop shop' for living life the way that you want to!"

A positive response

John is from Chesham, United Kingdom: "I joined at the suggestion of a good friend as a way of meeting people. Joining OUTeverywhere turned out to be a great idea because it mixed that and my innate raison d'etre - to try to help people. An extract of the latest reply from a friend I have made through OUT: 'Will definitely be there, John... if we don't meet before we will certainly meet on September 30th, my friend...! What a lovely friend you have been to me in such a short space of time. Thank you so much, John, truly, I have felt so lonely until I joined this site.' As you can see, it has been a positive response to me trying to help and befriend other people from OUT, the only way I can with honesty and integrity."

A world of new friends

Randorr is from Leeds, United Kingdom: "Joining OUTeverywhere was for me the equivalent to opening the door into a world of new experiences, acquaintances and friends. I am constantly amazed at the outpouring of knowledge on offer from people and often, I might add, without any reward other then the act of neighbourliness. It is this generosity from folk, as far as I'm concerned that makes OUTeverywhere unique. I have been a member of OUTeverywhere for many years and remain convinced that it does take two to tango - the OUT team and the members, together, making the best for everyone to enjoy a common goal."

I've come out of my shell

Mark is from Basildon, United Kingdom: "I have met some fantastic friends through OUTeverywhere and the most important thing to me is that, as I'm in a stable relationship, all the people I've met have had no hidden agendas - they respect my relationship and just want to be friends. Likewise, nearly all of the friends I've made are now also in stable relationships! I think OUTeverywhere is fantastic and will certainly be renewing my membership. It's not like other well-known websites that just seem to promote sex; this is far superior to other gay websites and I've come out of my shell as a result, I've gone out there and continue to socialise with like-minded people whom I value so much. Thanks OUTeverywhere!"

Civil Partnership ceremony soon

Alan is from Portsmouth, United Kingdom: "I was away in the Caribbean in 2005 and opened my OUTeverywhere inbox to find a message from Ian. He said that he had seen my profile and liked me. I didn't have a photo of myself on my profile at that time; so he liked me from what I had written in my profile. This is a complete change from other gay websites that are just after quick sex and not the real person. We kept in touch for 4 months and when I got back to the UK I went to meet him. We have since exchanged engagement rings and are still together over a year later. We hope to have a Civil Partnership ceremony soon. Thanks OUT."

Some other thoughts from our members

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A non-sexual atmosphere: "I like OUTeverywhere being non commercial based on facilitating real human relationships not just sex."

A truly unique organisation: "OUTeverywhere is a very clever, unique and special place. Thank you for helping me to come out!"

An ethical stance: "Thank you for taking an ethical stance, it makes OUT really attractive and comfortable for me."

A great way to make friends: "If it weren't for OUTeverywhere I'd be stuck in the backwater with no-one to talk to, keep up the good work."

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