Quiz Night and or meal in Hitchin: Burns night, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

25 January 2012: Quiz Night and or meal in Hitchin: Burns night

Quiz night in a very gay-friendly, welcoming pub, The Millstream, in Hitchin. New participants always welcome. There's the added bonus of possibly winning the open-the-box prize (or £10).

£1 entry per person for the quiz, plus £1 per ticket optional entry to the 'open the box' draw. (If it's not won, there's a £10 consolation prize.)

It's a MacMullen's pub which has a good range of reasonably priced pub food, including vegetarian dishes. If you are an ale fan, there's one guest ale and two others as well as the usual range of drinks.

Friendly staff and very welcoming land-lady who knows us well.

if you don't fancy the quiz, are too tired after work or whatever, you are welcome to join us just for a meal and or a drink/coffee. We are a disparate group (NOT desperate!) of guys of widely varying ages, interests and knowledge.

I WILL NOT BE THERE, whatever the attendance list says, but other regulars will be. I hope.

This is Burns Night and the pub is doing a Burns Night dinner, from 6pm. £19.95 for 4 courses. (The normal menu is also available.)

The menu, in brief, is:

Arbroath toastie (smoked haddock + cheese sauce on white toast)/prawns & whisky cream/Scotch broth

Haggis + neeps & tatties

Cullen skink (smoked haddock in creamy leek sauce)/Ham & haddie pie/Heather honeyed chicken/Nut roast

Mulled fruit trifle/oaty rhubarb crumble/whisky & orange pudding

Complimentary 25 ml Drambuie

This may need to be pre-ordered/table booked: Telephone: [number available to members only] 27

I suggest you use the team name (Over the Rainbow) if you want to sit together, and to say you intend to have this menu in the Messages section so others may be encouraged to join you. And to agree a time???

Have fun!

Please feel free to pass this invitation on and or bring others.

OUTeverywhere member organiser

This event has been added to the OUTeverywhere calendar by John Tg from Luton in the Bedfordshire area.

photoOpen to new experiences except, principally, bungee jumping and eating insects; tired of the rut it's too easy to settle into. A glass-half-full person but, equally, not upset when it's half empty. Hate rules-is-rules, bureaucracy and paper. Someone said I'm a free-spirit, hopefully true. "Freedom is space, weightlessness, room to manoeuvre, to go your own way. It's people blasting off in all directions."

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