North London Coffee Posse - December 2011, Hampstead, London

3 December 2011: North London Coffee Posse - December 2011

Come along and meet new people, chat with old friends and just chill. We'll be at Kenwood House in the afternoon until 15:00 before moving on to the Holly Bush pub by 16:30.

OUTeverywhere is not just an online community where everything happens in pixels. You can also get OUT there and meet other OUTers and our coffee posse is the ideal way to do so. The North London Coffee Posse is normally held on the first or second Saturday of the month.

The first half of the event is the "coffee" part at Kenwood House where we'll chill until 15:00.

KENWOOD HOUSE REFURBISHMENT: Kenwood House is to be refurbished over the next year so parts of the house and grounds will be closed off. Apparently the Brew House and Old Kitchen will remain open throughout except possibly for January (TBC).

If the weather is good we'll be round the back of Kenwood House in the café garden, sitting near the colonnade walkway or if that is closed off then to the right of the Brew House. Please be aware that we will try to be in the Old Kitchen if we decide to sit inside; this is through the same entrance as the disabled toilet (which looks like this when there's no building works: We won't be sitting in the other seating area in the Brew House café unless the Old Kitchen is full or closed for a function.

The Brew House serves hot and cold food and drinks with china crockery. There is also a smaller café to the left, the Steward's Room, which is slightly cheaper and serves a smaller choice of soup, sandwiches, cakes, drinks and ice cream.

When we're ready to move on, we normally walk across Hampstead Heath which takes about half an hour, but we might stop for a drink on the way. An alternative is to take the 210 bus to Jack Straw's Castle then the 268 to Hampstead High Street.

We will make our way to the Holly Bush by 16:00 for the second half of the event with muchos alcohol. The Holly Bush serves food so we can have supper there. We'll stay there until at least 18:30 when some of us will go to the OUT London Christmas Party (quickfind:433786 which starts at 19:00).

Those going to the party can take the 46 bus which goes from Hampstead to Chancery Lane.

There is a good map of Hampstead Heath at

TRAVEL INFORMATION: Transport for London has a journey planner at for which Kenwood House is recognised as a "place of interest". Visit for up-to-date travel information on the day of the event.

TUBE: The nearest tube station for Kenwood House is Highgate which is on the Northern Line and is about 20 minutes' walk away ( Hampstead and Golders Green, also both on the Northern Line, are about half an hour's walk away.

WALKING FROM HIGHGATE STATION TO KENWOOD HOUSE: At Highgate station take Exit 3, which is the rightmost exit just after the ticket barriers, and go up the escalator to Archway Road. Turn right and take the third road on the left, Church Road. At the crossroads, continue straight on into View Road. At the end, turn right then take the next left, Stormont Road. At the end turn right on to Hampstead Lane and Kenwood House will be on the left.

WALKING FROM HAMPSTEAD STATION TO KENWOOD HOUSE: Turn right out of the station on to Heath Street. Walk up the hill until you reach the top and crossroads with traffic lights, after about half a mile. Go straight across, passing a pond to your left. Shortly afterwards where the road forks at Jack Straw's Castle, take Spaniards Road to the right. Continue for about a mile, passing the Spaniards Inn to your left, until you reach the entrance to the car park for Kenwood House on your right. Go though the gate and follow the track leading down to the house.

BUSES: The 210 bus stops outside Kenwood House. You can catch it from Golders Green station towards Finsbury Park station, or from Archway or Finsbury Park stations towards Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Other routes nearby include 210, 214 and 271. Buses on route 210 stop in Highgate.

PARKING: There is unrestricted parking available on Hampstead Lane. Kenwood has a pay and display car park.

If you need any further information please use the event message board or send me a message.

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