Festival of Song, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

27 April 2012: Festival of Song

Celebrate the close chord with songs from around the world in oldest building in England. Festival led by two inspirational voice teachers. No need to be experienced singer. You bring your voice. We provide the va-va-voom. Weekend or Sat only option.

Two inspirational and popular voice teachers return to deepest Essex to lead an annual weekend of acapella harmonies from around the world. Gilo and Sarah are highly regarded in the Natural Voice world for their easy and gentle way of bringing people into wonderful multi-textured song. They have taught at festivals and camps for many years, and have a huge repertoire of songs, and experience of teaching groups of between 40 and 400 people.

:: Gospel songs
:: Haunting harmonies
:: Contemporary folk and jazz
:: World songs
:: South African rhythms
:: Multi-textured Rainforest chants
:: Amazing venue with wonderful acoustic
:: Atmospheric setting on Essex salt-marshes
:: Community spirit

No need to read music or be an experienced singer. Just bring your voice and we'll blend everyone together. You'll be amazed at how simple it is, especially in the friendly acoustic of the chapel. Singing there is like being immersed in a soundbath! Though not a LGBT event as such - we're both gay/lesbian and it's always a friendly environment. But so you know the score: there'll be straight singers there too!

St Peter's-on-the-Wall at Bradwell is one of the oldest buildings in Britain - built 650's by St Cedd. Looks like a barn, but was originally a Celtic/Saxon cathedral. We'll be doing all the singing in this ancient building. It's right on the seawall by the Blackwater Estuary on the Essex coast, and is undeniably beautiful. If you like big open skies, mudflats, Celtic history, and rich birdlife - then you'll love this place...

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If you want to come for the whole day or a half day, instead of the whole weekend - that's fine - just let our hosts know and they'll book you a place for the Saturday. On previous years we've had up to 30 local day participants. Not a problem.

The weekend runs from supper on Friday to afternoon tea or coffee on Sunday. And the cost is amazingly cheap!

:: Full weekend £102 including all meals and accommodation.
:: Saturday only: £30 with lunch only
:: Saturday only £36 with lunch & supper

(Saturday - arrive by 10am, for 10:30am start)

These prices really do include everything - so the only other cost will be your travel! There are also concessionary rates available - please ask when booking. Where else could you have a weekend away for £100 ?

The accommodation is hostel type rooms with usually two or three sharing to a room. But at £102 with all meals and our workshops (or £82 concessionary) you're hopefully not expecting luxury! If you're wanting en-suite and a freshly ironed bellboy and a chocolate on the pillow ... then can we tactfully suggest the weekend might not be for you. But if you don't mind roughing it for the sake of some amazing singing, and you're happy to share in washing-up after meals - then you'll have a great time.

If you want to come for Saturday only - that's fine - just get in touch with our hosts to book a place.
To book: please contact Gail at Othona
Email: [email address available to members only]
Tel: [number available to members only] 64

Or book directly via this weblink: http://www.bos.othona.org/event/Festival-of-Song

Bring warm clothing. Wet weather gear. Bottle of water. Torch. Camera. Foodie treats. Bottle of wine or fruit juice for Saturday night. Your voice! The chapel is not heated .. so make sure you've got warm clothes. Some people bring a blanket.

Hopefully that's given you the full bobby - but if you have any questions, please message me. Hope to see you there

Gilo & Sarah
photo:776637 photo:776638

OUTers's feedback from previous workshops... (direct quotes)

Thanks so much Gilo and Sarah for a fantastic day. You reminded me again what singing is all about: To inspire and be inspired; to be taken out of the "ordinary" and give something special of yourself to those who listen just as you receive something special as you listen. The voice is a fantastic instrument and you gave us all the chance to hear each other playing them in harmony. If there were a few more singers in the world, it would be a much happier place

"It was great to see how you both create an atmosphere of trust that empowers people to sing. It's clear that you both enjoy working together."

"Sarah & yourself were great fun & made things appear so easy! The songs were great & although I have sung for many years, this was a new experience for me & thoroughly enjoyable."

"I didn't know singing could be this much fun. How did you get us to do such amazing songs? You and Sarah are seriously good at what you do."

"Many thanks for a great weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it, very inspiring, relaxing and banished away all my cobwebs!!"

**UPDATE** 17/04/12
Currently 40 resident bookings for whole weekend -- plus 30 for Sat. And bookings are still coming in. We expect to be about 80 on the Saturday! So a 'big choir' sound.

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photoSong teacher in Dorset leading workshops around the UK. Listed by MI5 as Harmless Eccentric Grade 2.

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