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Alton Dinner and Coffee{less} Posse
Sunday 2 August 2015, Hampshire Tags: alton, drinks, getreal, hampshire, meal, pub, social
Social Group meets up every Tuesday evening
Tuesday 4 August 2015, London Tags: beer, burger, chat, drink, eat, food, pub, social, steak, wine
Warrington Travelling Posse at The Red Lion at Moore
Wednesday 5 August 2015, Cheshire Tags: cheshire, drink, meal, pub, warrington
Members drinks social
Wednesday 5 August 2015, Somerset Tags: bar, bristol, conversation, drinks, friendly, lively, monthly, social
The Piano Sing-Along Night @ L'Escargot's Upstairs Club
Thursday 6 August 2015, London Tags: choir, music, musicals, party, piano, singalong, singing, songs
Manchester Gay Men's Coffee Posse Social
Saturday 8 August 2015, Gtr Manchester Tags: coffeeposse, gaymen, manchester, meeting, posse, salford, social
South Herts Coffee Posse
Sunday 9 August 2015, Hertfordshire Tags: coffee, coffeeposse, conversation, informal, pub, social, southherts, stalbans, sunday
Social Group meets up every week
Tuesday 18 August 2015, London Tags: beer, chat, coffee, curry, food, friend, pettswood, pub, social, steak
Camping in Cornwall 2015
Wednesday 26 August 2015, Cornwall Tags: camping, outdoors, walking

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